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The interaction of cities, technology, and sustainability is rapidly evolving. Urbanpreneurs strives to make cities more inclusive, efficient, sustainable and economically robust while positively impacting the lives of the entire city community.

Pressure on infrastructure associated with growing urban populations, the ubiquity of new technologies and collaborative business models are making way for a new form of entrepreneurship focused on addressing quality of life in cities.

Urbanpreneurs operating at the neighborhood, city and global levels, emerge through extensive collaboration in cities, articulating alternative forms of private-public partnerships and unique strategies to breakthrough the market.

*  We facilitate the creation of innovative, sustainable business solutions to important urban problems. 

*  We produce tangible benefits for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, business development and education organizations, and entire communities.    

* We partner with local governments to tackle some of society’s most important challenges across a range of issue areas, including health, public safety, economic and workforce development, climate change, equity, and education. 

*  We don't just find solutions to problems, but facilitate culture change within companies, organizations and public institutions. 

*  We partner with civic leaders to identify pressing strategic challenges and then recruit urbanpreneurs to serve in executive-level fellowships across local government.

This cross-sector collaboration serves as a vehicle for community-based problem solving, to help cities develop innovative solutions to issue areas such as transportation and infrastructure, data and government reform and health and human services.

We serve as an incubator dedicated to innovative urban projects. Entrepreneurs willing to contribute to shaping the future of the city find their way to urbanpreneurs forming an impact led ecosystem with governments, private companies and organisations.

A series of events and seminars are programmed to launch the initiative, to create awareness, to collaborate with stakeholders, and to identify the most pressing issues. 

We host international summits and programs to inspire and connect urbanpreneurs.

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